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24 June 2024 22:28

Craftmanship and Made in Italy, more than just furnishing accessories

The latest trends in furniture and design are clear, the return to craftsmanship, especially the Made in Italy one, is the real must of the season.

However Arti&Mestieri’s craftsmanship is not just a temporary fashion, but it’s always been a trademark.

In the latest collections, in order to enhance the craftsmanship more and more, larger items have appeared, sought after in design, colors and aesthetics. These are objects capable of doing much more than completing the furniture and for this reason it is reductive to call them “accessories”. The way in which they occupy their space and the visual impact that they have, recalls the importance of large-scale furnishings and the role of protagonists that these take on within a room.

The floor lamps, the monstere, the cactuses, the kenzie, the consoles, the mirrors and the large clocks confirm the Arti & Mestieri towards interior design with the aim of characterizing the spaces with the craftsmanship and authentically Made in Italy.

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