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17 April 2024 20:14

Full Collection 2021: exclusive Made in Italy style

Arti&Mestieri presents the new Full Collection 2021 catalog.
Long awaited by the anxious “A&M” fans, the catalog reveals novelties among collections as well as singular items.
Browsing the pages of Full Collection 2021, you will find the result of a creative process that has come to life thanks to an unforgettable, peculiar and talented team.
Circeo, Rococò and Big Babol, with their characteristic round shapes, are just a few new names that make Arti&Mestieri 2021 proposal stand out.
As “A&M” offer is growing, this time its expansion has gone in two directions. One is the design and realisation of brand new lines and the other is the growth of the existing successful lines, such as Albero della Vita. That collection, already present in the previous edition of Full Collection, has been enriched by new objects and new colours. For example, our beloved ivory, which, as a variant of white, instills a sense of serenity.
Arti&Mestieri, however, has also maintained their usual fun and ironic spirit, as seen at the example of Mamma Gatta line with its wall clock and heart-warming coat hanger.
Once again, like every year, also 2021 comes with numerous ideas and inspiration on how to renovate your home and give it a pinch of originality and style.

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