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15 April 2024 10:44

It is always a good time for something new

Like every year in the past 40 years, with the arrival of summer, Arti&Mestieri presents its novelties that influence collections of the current and upcoming year.
It’s a moment charged with hight expectations, both by designers and producers, as well as by all those who make room in their homes for new designs made in Italy.
Also this time, the home decor brand Arti & Mestieri doesn’t want to let down its admirers and surprises them with not just one collection, but with a number of products that complement the existing lines and which sprung up from unusual inspirations.
One of the many new arrivals that deserves special attention is Lotus Flower wall panel. Being a highly versatile accessory, it’s perfect as a bedroom headboard or a living room ornament.

Another important novelty is the helmet holder Fly, a must-have of every motorcyclist paying attention to details. Born from the same design and completing it perfectly on a wall is Fly coat hook, available in red, mud and black.
Arti&Mestieri also thought about romantics and designed a heart photo frame with beautiful wording “Mon Coeur”. A simple accessory that can be turned into a precious reminder of a special moment spent together.
Finally, here come highly anticipated wall clocks – an unforgettable three-dimensional Vortex, space inspired Planetarium and Miro with its symmetrical double soul design.



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