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Colored furnishing accessories
21 June 2024 19:02

Pop Art and new materials: coloured home accessories are the real big news of this year 2022

Colour painted home accessories, with a strong Pop soul and the introduction of methacrylate pieces bunched together with the classic laser-cut iron, are the real strong points of the Arti & Mestieri “Giugno 2022” catalogue. Pop Art is the universe that has inspired many of the new products, with a selection of a wide range of bright and perfect colours to be combined one with each other. Wall Clocks but also colour painted table lamps and other accessories, emphasized by the use of bright colours as a design element, are the key factors of the whole collection.

Colours and Made in Italy home accessories are not the only characteristics of the new collection: the Circeo Pop table lamps line, for example, was created to be customized by the customers choosing the combination of colours as they prefer, with a many possibilities and thanks to a palette that allows combinations of any kind, from the brazen to the monochromatic ones. The collection is also characterized by some news related to materials, with different wall clocks that introduce the delicate use of methacrylate, often utilized for the clock face, which adds a touch of brightness to the colours themselves and enriches the classic laser-cut iron.

But not only colour characterizes the new articles of the “Giugno 2022” collection. In fact, the coloured home accessories go together with some new models that restyle many of the most successful Arti & Mestieri lines. Sfarfallio, for example, get the theme of butterflies back and reworks it, adding movement and dynamism (just have a look at the 60 cm diameter wall clock) or the Didone lamps that recall the design of the Minerva lamps but with lighter but accentuated curves.

A collection that is not only Pop Art and that marks a substantial evolution in the Arti & Mestieri research, that, together with the new contours and new models, adds different materials to its products and takes up some of the trendiest styles of the last few years.



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