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17 April 2024 20:17

Preview of 2024 Innovations: Interaction and Exchange with the Sales Force

December is the month of anticipation, excitement, and novelty for Arti&Mestieri’s sales force. As a consolidated tradition, every year during this period, the company previews its latest catalog, creating a privileged space for exchange and discussion. This allows representatives to delve into the new proposals and understand the trends that will guide the market in the coming year.

At the heart of the recent event, numerous articles were presented, including the “Silhouette” lamp characterized by essential lines and basic colors such as black, white, and red. This contemporary furnishing element has the ability to impart personality to any space.

Among the novelties, the “Myfair” console stands out, inspired by the divas and trends of the 1950s. This design piece embodies the elegance and refined style of a bygone era, reinterpreted in a modern key. Precious materials and sinuous shapes make “Myfair” a unique furnishing element capable of transforming any environment into a stage of retro elegance.

In 2024, gold makes a triumphant return, a color always of great charm and allure. Arti&Mestieri has decided to embrace this trend by reintroducing the gold variant in some of its iconic articles. This proposal imparts a touch of luxury and sophistication, adding an element of great appeal.

The preview presentation not only provides an exclusive look at the innovations of the coming year but also represents a unique opportunity for Arti&Mestieri’s sales force to interact with designers, share feedback, and discuss sales strategies.


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