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20 June 2024 21:46

Spring is in the air: news of the season

The days get longer, the air is warmer and, just like every spring, we are filled with the desire to spend the time outdoors.
In this spring atmosphere Arti & Mestieri presents the new collection of mosquito repellent holders with its five new objects that combine functionality with style and unique design.
If you are a fan of symbolic or mythological meanings, you will find Tree of Life mosquito repellent holder irresistible. Choose from bronze or ivory color variants and make it an integral part of your evenings.
If, on the other hand, you are superstitious, Good Luck holder is the one for you. Not only is it auspicious, but it also embodies fun design of the most common symbols of the “buena suerte”, horseshoe and four-leaf clover. This accessory will bring the much desired good luck your way and will keep distracting insects away.
Arti & Mestieri also created something for nature lovers, Bee mosquito repellent holder, which, with its irony and lightness, is an object fitting any space of your home or garden.
As a real tribute to spring, the new collection of Arti & Mestieri also introduces Spring model of the holder, available in ivory and marble white, which has the power of making the outdoor evening atmosphere even more relaxing.
Finally, for the sea lovers, Ancor mosquito repellent holder is a must-have that gives a touch of style in any environment you decide to place it.


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