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New Arrivals

Arti e Mestieri: New Collection 2023. Accessories, lamps and clocks in iron, painted and with material effects

In 2023 the Arti e Mestieri novelty catalog is enriched with new models, for their design, for the use of new materials and iron printing effects.

The design of the 2023 Arti e Mestieri novelties is characterized by the revival of some of the most iconic lines of the company’s great classics. Starting with the Big clock, now also available with a 140 cm diameter and with a marble-effect dial.

The direct printing on iron, with stone and marble effects, is one of the most innovative aspects of the whole collection. It is found above all on the wall clocks but also in the lampshades of the new lamps, the Compass, which stand out for their minimal and geometric design.

New materials, raffia and jute, are also found on the lamps, which add a natural, raw and sustainable touch to the lampshades of the floor and table lamps.

In this category, therefore, you will find everything new that Arti & Mestieri has added to its catalogue, with the new wall clocks, furnishing accessories and lamps. Among these, the Compasses are the most characterizing the company’s new approach to production, going to trace a path that combines the minimalism of the lines with the combination of colors and materials.

A new lifeblood for the endless Arti&Mestieri catalog which now also proposes beautiful and useful furnishing objects, which in recent years were present in very small numbers, such as modern umbrella stands.

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