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New Arrivals

Pop Art furnishing accessories: the 2022 novelties of Arti & Mestieri

This year the novelties of the Arti & Mestieri catalog are characterized by a strong Pop soul, with Pop Art furnishing accessories, new models and the introduction of methacrylate alongside laser-cut iron.

Design, color and materials are the key elements of the new collection that give life to a line that also stands out for models inspired by the great classics Arti & Mestieri.

As every year, the novelties come to implement the Full Collection and enrich the proposal which remains characterized by the most authentic Made in Italy. In 2022, however, a series of furnishing accessories with a Pop soul are added that bring a real breath of fresh air to the entire offer.

In this category, therefore, you will find everything that Arti & Mestieri has added to its catalog, with wall clocks, decorative panels and many lamps, some of which take inspiration from the classic Minerva, revisiting its design and classical forms. This is the case of Didone, present both in the floor version and in the table version, destined to be appreciated by those who love modern design but also chosen by those who prefer classic lines.

Finally, the highlight of the collection is the Circeo Pop desk lamp that allows customers to customize their version to the maximum, choosing from a very wide range of color combinations. All, strictly, bright and bright, as required by the most typical tradition of Pop Art.

A collection to be discovered, with the delicate addition of a new material, methacrylate, chosen to add a pleasant touch of liveliness and brilliance to the colors.

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