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Evocative design wall clock Rosone


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The Rosone watch is as beautiful as a time jump. Suggestive as only the Home collection can be!

Size: diam. 60
Material: iron


Rosone is fascinating and evocative, a wall clock with a refined and unmissable design.

To many it will be able to evoke its own baroque spirit, especially to art lovers. The name Rosone is actually a direct reference to it. What is certain is that this watch by Arti e Mestieri knows how to assert itself despite the comparison: the medium size (diam. 60) and the fantastic colors available (ivory is combined with white, mud and sand) make it the best option for those who want time travel simply by looking at the time. If Roman numerals give the extra touch, the Big Lux watch is also extremely interesting. To give a more classic air to your home, we also recommend the Minerva coffee table.

It could evoke the inner baroque spirit to many people, especially the art lovers. The name “Rosone” is in fact a direct reference. Sure is that this Arti e Mestieri wall clock knows how to stand out: the medium-size shape (60 cm diameter) and the amazing available colors (ivory with white, mud or sand) make it the best option. You could travel through time just looking at the clock face!

If you particularly enjoy the roman numerals, the wall clock Big Lux is really interesting, otherwise we suggest the classic style table Minerva.



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SKU 0OR3302 Categories ,

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