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Olimpo square wall clock


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A stylish watch where the classic blends into the modern. Olimpo is the clock suitable for any type of environment, in three colors, with an original and refined design.

Dimensions: 50x50h
Material: iron


Modern and classic at the same time: in the Olimpo square wall clock the styles merge and make it an object of character and refined profile. Double overlapping frame, small dial, simple and essential in the center, hands that also run on the Roman numerals: our thoughts turn to another similar clock, even if round: Koros 90.

Olympus, according to Greek mythology, was the place where the gods resided and this clock would have been perfect in its setting even if the passage of time is only earthly characteristic. It could become the dream of all gods. This refined and elegant clock embellishes any wall making it unique.

There are three possible and available colors of the Olimpo square wall clock: bronze, sand and ivory, mud ivory and white marble, white marble, white marble and black.

Dimensions: 50x50h
Material: iron

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