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15 April 2024 11:01

A charming villa, an enchanted village

It is called Moncioni and it is one of those typical village situated on the Chianti hills and overlooking the Arno Valley. In the past it used to be a castle (the Castle of Moncione), and today it is still part of the beauty of this wonderful place together with Villa Sassolini, a very fascinating residence of great charm.

It is situated close to the small Square of the village and near the “Circolo” (cafè and meeting point), and it continues beyond the wall that will let you see all the best you can even imagine for your stay in Tuscany.

Here you can breath an authentic atmosphere, refined but also cozy. Villa Sassolini is a residence that was born from the same mind that created Arti&Mestieri, that one of Massimo Tani who made here, up in the hill, a place able to link relax, style and an excellent cuisine together with, somewhere, some elements from the Arti &Mestieri world.

Eleven rooms including some suites, a restaurant with a menu that gently revises the Tuscan tradition and an indoor SPA that makes each guest feel cherish and cuddle. A Villa to discover and to live, the ideal place to visit some of the most beautiful areas of Chiantishire.



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