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20 June 2024 20:27

Clocks, still a key element

We are increasingly talking about wall clocks as complements that, depending on the available space and style of a home, can offer an original touch to the environment, whether these models revisit the past, such as the cuckoo clock or the pendulum, or essential models with modern shapes and forms.

The clocks that appear on modern walls are increasingly assuming a decorative function, turning into real pieces of furniture hung above a table, a sideboard or above the fireplace, completing the overall effect.

In order to obtain a pleasant result, wall clocks should be considered as furniture and therefore must incorporate other elements present in the environment matching style, color or finish.

There are important dimensions and different styles, some refer to the models of the past, such as those with large quadrants on the bell towers, or nineteenth-century pocket watches, while others are real design pieces, sometimes made with unusual materials like worked metal.

Among the collection of Arti & Mestieri clocks we can recall “Koros”, the large wall clock available in three different sizes and in original colors such as bronze and mud.



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