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21 June 2024 18:49

Full Collection 2022: Arti & Mestieri presents the new collection

Full Collection 2022: Arti & Mestieri presents the vast catalog complete with all items, new ones and those that have now become great classics.

Each year as the new catalog comes out, the interest of fans of the “A&M” world becomes more intense, as does their curiosity. Interest and curiosity. It is these two elements at the basis of the ideas and inspirations that move the creative flair of designers in exploring and always creating something different and never predictable.

Thus was born the collection dedicated to sacred art, a new genre for Art & Mestieri, but with a very ancient tradition. A bet, perhaps more than a novelty, this is how this line was conceived and then developed, enriched by crucifixes, miniatures, icons and panels on the theme of Maternity and the Holy Family. Objects with a fresh and contemporary design, with an intrinsic and completely personal value that show that innovating often also means preserving the intimacy that only certain symbols can evoke.

Among the many innovations that you will still find by browsing the pages of this catalog are the Fonte della Vita and The Queen lines, the first in continuity with the now well-known Albero della Vita, the second inspired by the game of cards.

To enrich the Arti & Mestieri proposals there are also many watches with an innovative concept such as Time Boat, Turbina, Mandala, Kooper, Planisfero, Api and much more.

There are really many ideas that you can find in this volume if what you are looking for is refinement and contemporary style.


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