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23 May 2024 10:36

Maison&Objet: Arti&Mestieri, in Paris, in September with lots of news

Arti&Mestieri presents a new selection of products, which is the result of contemporary inspirations and trends but still in continuity with the previous collections, and with the style and design of its brand. It is with a glance to the world of nature and to the history of Arti & Mestieri that the latest articles have been created and that will be officially presented in Paris in Maison & Objet 2017 (8-12 September 2017, Hall 5A – Stand F88 G87), one of the most visited design meeting among the international events. It is mainly from the colors, from the revision of some “evergreens” and from the restyling of the iconic lines, that the new collection of Arti & Mestieri was born.

Maison&Objet 2017


8-12 september 2017,
Hall 5A – Stand F88 G87

Blue aviation and bronze are the real protagonists of the new Arti & Mestieri collection. Two shades, at first glance different one form each other, but deep and brilliant, as well as elegant and particularly contemporary. These are two colors that, more than giving a particular harmonious and refined combination, fit to creative union, with their own intensity and their light, for those who love daring, as well as their classical shades for those who prefer sobriety but do not like to turn down the attention to details.

Wild, but “domestic” at the same time, Kenzie is one of the complements that characterizes the new Arti & Mestieri collection. Like the evergreen plant belonging to the palm family, which grows on Lord Howe’s island, the Iron made Kenzia, available in three colors and in two sizes, is perfect for indoor environments. Created according to the concept already adopted for the cactus, this brand new article inspired once again by nature, and in peculiar by the furniture trend, known as “Jungalow”, is a perfect mix of styles from the bohemian to the minimal one.

Usually inspired by the skylines of cosmopolitan cities such as Paris e New York, or by the historical Tuscan villas, in the new collection Arti&Mestieri the panel too has changed its mood e turn to a new subject: the fun fair. Playful, ironic, entertaining and delightful, the new panel, available in three color combinations, including the actual “blue aviation”, is perfect for lively and witty interiors like boys and girls bedrooms and any other rooms where you breathe cheerfulness and amusement.

The new collection turns back to the great classical such as the wall clocks, and makes it revisiting some models like the “Nudo” and “Pausa” wall clocks. The first is well appreciated for open spaces and living areas, the other fits in kitchens and rooms where convivial and chilling moments are shared. Arti&Mestieri has revisited the first one and added, to the circular classical shape, a rectangular one. In this way the Prisma was born whereas the second model, besides a change in its shape, has enlarged its sizes like other wall clocks such as the “Al Bar”.

The renewal protagonist of the new collection involves even the Optical line, adding the mirror in color white, sand and new bronze. A complement that was already presented in many of the Arts & Craft lines, always well appreciated and that is usually combined with consoles and photo frames.

Table and kitchen is, surely among the collections, the lines that has best performed the ironic soul of Arti & Mestieri for a long time and it has made it through colorful objects often full of funny messages. The novelty of the collection consists mostly in the introduction of sophisticated and refined accessories such as the “Butterly” “Origami” table shelves for cakes available in aluminum, beige, white and beige; white and mud. The Butterly napkins holder; The glass holder “Origami” and the wall clocks are all inspired by food and such as: “Brunch time”, “Padella” and “Diet”.

Arti&Mestieri increases the collection dedicated to kids and toddlers with various items from the “Bibini” and “Hot Air Balloons”, introducing small and large objects including pencils holders, book ends, hooks, and coat hangers in bright colors such as orange, red white and the brand new blue aviation . It is always thinking to the little ones, to their imagination and to their desire to dream, that the air balloons have been enlarged in their volumes and geometries, then, they have inspired the creation of the wall clocks ” Hot Air Balloon “,” Bibino “pendulum and the” Flying Time “(also table clock), the” Mongolfiere “coat hanger and the homonymous hook sets.

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