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bomboniera arti e mestieri
17 June 2024 18:17

The Reinterpretation of a great tradition: the favor

There are such pleasant and unforgettable moments that deserve to last forever.
From this simple thought rises the choice of Arti & Mestieri to take on a new challenge, with a new product, designed and created to remind an emotion, an event or simple happiness: the favor.
Arti & Mestieri reinterprets, in a contemporary way, the articles from the classical traditions, from baptism or baby showers to ceremonies as weddings and graduations.
Arti & Mestieri does it with the ambitious purpose of restyling the life of a favor that remains, more and more often, forgotten in a corner of a shelf.

For this reason Arti & Mestieri breaks the cliché of the old favor and make this introducing objects that trace the design, the manufacture and the functionality of all the other products, so that your event will be remembered with style.[nm_button title=”DISCOVER OUR FAVORS ” style=”filled_rounded” color=”#b26268″ link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.artiemestieri.it%2Fcategoria-prodotto%2Fbomboniere%2F|title:Le%20nostre%20Bomboniere|target:%20_blank”]


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