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16 April 2024 20:16

Choose the color to be with Arti&Mestieri

We live in a world made of colors, we are used to seeing around us fascinating shades that give us different sensations, perceptions and emotions.
Each of us attributes to a color a memory, an emotion, a special moment or an unforgettable experience.

Colors influence our mood and they play a decisive role establishing a good or a bad day. We tell ourselves through the colors of the clothes we wear and through the color of the hair we choose.

But let’s get to the meaning of the colors. Take the red, it is a symbol of blood and vital energy, it infuses courage and a little bit of grit to overcome situations that intimidate or make you feel under pressure. Those who wear red are lively, outgoing, energetic and constantly moving people.

Orange, on the other hand, recalls a harmonic soul, and an artistic creativity and the trust in yourself and in others too. Those wearing orange clothes express joy and affirmation of their ego, good mood and altruism.

Green symbolizes perseverance and superior knowledge. It is the color of energetic balance. Its effect is relaxing and refreshing and in its infinite shades, from military to fresh green apple, maybe there are variations a bit flashy but those who know how to bring often reveals to be a person of temperament.

If you are a lover of color and you feel represented also a little by one of these colors, allow yourself the opportunity to live it at home with one of the many colored objects of the different collections Arti&Mestieri.


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