Cake stand with a sea theme Neptune

Cake stand with sea-themed decorations. On one side there are shells and starfish, on the other a small star and a small fish. Available in three colors.
Size: Diameter 30x6H
Material: epoxy powder Painted iron


Serving seafood specialties on this article is an experience that must be done at least once in a lifetime. Just for laughing looking at the expressions of your guests in front of the sea themed stand!
Simple but effective, we have no doubt that it will have great success. The iron of which it is made will assure its reliability, while the Italian design combined with the Italian handcraft give the best on the aesthetic side! The same cares are applied to the umbrella stand of the same line, among other things.
The shells and a starfish are on one side, while on the opposite side there is also another fish. We are sure they are figures that everyone will like, even children will appreciate the dish coming! The sea themed Cake stand Neptune could convince them, who knows.

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