Fancy design Umbrella rack Minerva

A design umbrella rack that is both classic and contemporary, the line’s typical feature. Strong and elegant.

Dimension: diam. 23x54H
Material: iron


Minerva’s line has many new products in Spring 2019. A fancy design umbrella rack is out too!

Classic thanks to its structure (which vaguely remembers the Ancient Greek art), contemporary because of the holes between the lines (available in white, bronze and mud). It can be compared to other two new articles: the chair Minerva and the coat rack.

When you’ll realise that it’s raining outside, you won’t feel frustrated anymore: your “shield” will be right in this fancy design umbrella rack. Once you turn off the light of the lamp, you can call it a day. Obviously thanks to Arti e Mestieri’s support.


Bronze, Mud, White



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