Marine themed Under plate Nettuno (2pc)

Under plate belonging to the Nettuno line. One side is decorated with Shells and Sea Shell. Resistant and elegant, available in three colors.

Dimension: diam. 36
Material: iron


A great plate must be supported by a service plate: the sea-themed service plate Neptune could be the item you are looking for.
Its elegant light-heartedness, reminds that of the tray or the centerpiece and it is perfect for any moment. Regardless the type of meal, lunch or dinner, there will be no excuses: this article will make everything more special. Starfish and shells that protude from one side of the plate, fully represent the simplicity that characterizes the Neptune line.
This sea themed service plate is available in 3 colours. light blue, beige and marble white.
Now you just have to decide what to serve!

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