Palm shape small floor lamp Kenzia

This lamp is 1.5 m tall. It has harmonic fronds and resistant long leaves.

Art. 2987 small floor lamp Kenzia needs to be combined with art. 3149 lamp holder.

Dimension: diam.80x151h
Material: iron


Arti e Mestieri supports any need with the Spring 2018 collection. You can find a palm shape small floor lamp, but also a big version of it.

If you add a lamp holder to a plant Kenzia, you’ll get this: a 1.5 m floor lamp with harmonic fronds and long resistant leaves, just like the actual kentia palms in Australia. Realism and fantasy will always be evoked by the Arti e Mestieri made in Italy products, characterized by a recognizable and precise design.

Available in four colors, it is the palm shape small floor lamp that’s missing and that everyone needs to have.


Arti e Mestieri


Bronze, Garden green, Sand, White

New Arrivals

Spring 2018

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