Arti&Mestieri Illumina la Fiera Vebo di Napoli. Focus sulle bomboniere

Arti&Mestieri lights up the Vebo Fair in Naples. Focus on favours

The glittering city of Naples was recently the stage for an extraordinary edition of Vebo, the acclaimed International Fair of Wedding Favours, Gifts and Home Design. The event, which took place from 6 to 9 October at the impressive Mostra d'Oltremare and was attended by, for the first time, also by Arts&Mestieri which transformed its exhibition space into a fascinating journey through originality and innovation in home design.

In this exceptional showcase, Arti&Mestieri proved to be in the vanguard also in the area of wedding favours, offering unique and customised solutions. With an exclusive design and style ranging from the classic to the contemporary, the company demonstrated its ability to satisfy every taste and occasion, transforming the concept of a gift into a work of art.

Arti&Mestieri would like to thank the Vebo trade fair for the opportunity to display its creative strength in this important context.