Design gift ideas

The search for the perfect gift can be a real challenge. But if you are looking for something different and high-quality, the products from Arti&Mestieri might be exactly what you are looking for. With a wide range of items, any product could be the right choice.

Thinking, however, of a more personal design gift that reflects the other person's tastes and passions, there are some items that are right for you. From cat and dog bowl holders to wine bottle holders, from bookends to photo frames and more.

Our gift ideas are the ideal solution for those looking for something more than just an object: a unique piece that embodies quality, design and passion for craftsmanship. No matter the occasion, an Arti&Mestieri gift will be always appreciated for its originality and its unmistakable style. Let's discover together some that will win everyone over!

Bowl & Bottle Holders

Bookends & Photo Holders

Bowl & Bottle Holders

For animal lovers, our pet bowl holders for dogs and cats are more than just an accessory: they are design objects in their own right. With thoughtful aesthetics and attention to detail, these bowl holders not only provide comfort for our four-legged friends, but are also an original detail for your home.

The wine bowl holder is ideal for wine enthusiasts. It combines functionality and beauty, becoming a decorative element for any room. Choose from a variety of colours, depending on which one suits the recipient's room best, to find the perfect thought for wine lovers.

Bookends & Photo Holders

A product designed for all lovers of reading and cats too. In fact, our bookend set is not only a useful accessory for keeping your bookshelf tidy, but is also a design object that recalls the feline sphere with the two cats at the end 'keeping' books in order. If you are thinking of an original gift that is fun but also makes a great furnishing accessory, this isthe perfect product for you.

The photo frames from Arti&Mestieri are the ideal way to frame yourloved memories. It could be a nice gift idea to present it with a photo of a shared moment already inside, so it can be cherished over the years. With various shapes and sizes available, you can choose the photo frame that best suits the taste of the gift recipient, ensuring a personal and meaningful thought.

Favours, Keyrings & Mailboxes

For special occasions such as weddings, baptisms or communions, our favour boxes are the ultimate gift idea. Each piece is crafted with careful craftsmanship, offering a lasting and precious memento of unforgettable moments.

Key rings are also among those accessories that lend themselves well to being a pleasant and original gift. With this in mind, we offer a selection of key rings of various kinds: from simple ones to those that also allow mail to be placed inside. These products are a small thought that makes a difference, a simple yet impressive gift.


Keyrings & Mailboxes