Office Furniture Ideas

Furnishing the office is not only a matter of practicality and functionality but also an expression of style and personality. Arti&Mestieri's products, with their inimitable design, can transform any workspace into a welcoming and stimulating environment.

Making the most of the personalisation in your office is important for creating a place where, thanks to pleasant objects that reflect you, it will feel like something familiar even when you're away from home.

With our products, you will achieve a well-organised yet at the same time good taste. A fairly formal and elegant furnishing style is usually preferred for the office and, in this sense, there are many options following this style. Similarly, if you want to break away from monotony by giving it a lively touch, you can opt for a more flamboyant detail that will certainly not go unnoticed.

Handcrafted lamps

Umbrella & Coat Stand

Photo holder

Handcrafted lamps

For a cosy and pleasant office you need the right lighting. With our desk lamps and abat-jour you will have something to make your office cosy and at the same time furnished with a uniquely stylish piece. You can also always veer towards a floor lamp if you have enough space to place it in the corner of your office, for example.

A table lamp or abat-jour with modern design and clean lines can be placed on a desk or on a side table in the lounge area. These accessories not only provide the light needed for work, but also add a decorative element that can complement or accentuate the style of the office.


Umbrella Stand, Coat Stand & Photo holder

A designer umbrella stand placed near the entrance is not only useful on rainy days, but is a design and tidy addition to the room.

In the same way, an elegant coat rack not only keeps jackets and coats tidy, but can also become a point of interest in the entrance hall or waiting room.

Modern offices often incorporate personal elements to make the space more inviting and less sterile. Our photo frames are ideal for having something strictly personal in the office.

Choosing photo frames that match the style of the room can help create a visual consistency, as well as provide a space to display personal memories or inspirations.

Designer clocks

A functional office needs to take time into account. A clock is not only a practical object but also an opportunity to decorate your environment in the best possible way.

From a classic and elegant clock, to a more modern one, to more friendly and informal ones if you prefer to create a place that is not too serious and busy. You can also decide to furnish your office with a desk clock by placing it on your desk.

With the wide choice we offer, you can decide what touch of design you want to give your workspace.


Designer clocks