Our History

Arti&Mestieri was founded in 1977 with the intention of creating products that could go beyond mere functionality, transforming each item into a product of inimitable design. Our company represents a combination of the rigour of industry and the creativity of craftsmanship.

The working of iron was not immediate but the result of a long process of growth. Initially, ceramics were worked, glass barrels for mirrors and clocks, and wood was used for hangers. Later, ironworking was given a special focus, and over the years, thanks to the fusion of craftsmanship and technological innovation, our company works every day with the promise of transforming this material into objects that are not only functional but of unique design.

Arti&Mestieri is an example of how something special can be created from nothing: from a flat iron base, through folds and cuts, the product acquires a three-dimensionality and a completely new soul. Our products are inimitable and one-of-a-kind.

Born from the idea of enhancing the work of craftsmen and proposing objects that are both practical and beautiful, Arti&Mestieri has, over time, conquered a prominent place on the Italian and international design scene.

Arti&Mestieri: a choice of the heart

With our products we want to express all our love for aesthetics and Italian design, giving a new meaning and a new way of interpreting iron, with the aim of conveying this message inside your homes.

Our milestone: the 1990s'

The 1990s represented a turning point for our company. The protagonist of this evolution was undoubtedly the advent of precision laser cutting, which made it possible to further refine the technique by combining the manual skills of our craftsmen with technological innovations, in order to keep abreast of the times.

For this very reason we also collaborated with the Walt Disney multinational, creating some products inspired by the magical world that has captivated adults and children alike.

Of fundamental importance, in 1995, were the relations established with foreign distributors, which made it possible to make Arti&Mestieri products known throughout the world. In fact, in addition to the most renowned trade fairs in Italy, such as Milan and Florence, our company was also able to participate in those in Madrid and Paris, expanding its range of action over time with contacts in Greece.

In 2023, for the first time, Arti&Mestieri went even further, being present at the International Lifestyle in Tokyo.

The Products of Arti&Mestieri

Our products are not meant to be mere furnishing accessories, but to enrich people's everyday lives. This is why each of our articles is studied down to the smallest detail, with particular attention to shape, colour and material, to ensure that it is not only useful, but also aesthetically pleasing.

The creation of an Arti&Mestieri product begins with the design, the moment when the idea takes shape. Our designers work closely with craftsmen to develop prototypes that reflect the original vision and meet high quality standards. Once the design is approved, we move on to the actual workmanship, which makes use of the best techniques in forging, cutting and finishing iron.

Our products range from furniture to everyday objects, all designed and manufactured with the utmost care. Each creation, which sees the creation of products with a modern and original design, is the result of a careful process that combines modern design and traditional techniques, typical of Italian craftsmanship, with more innovative ones resulting from technological evolution, to ensure that each piece is unique and unrepeatable. From gold leaf to calendering, to research and development not only in design but also in production methods.

Furniture and decoration represent the heart of the Arti&Mestieri offer. From elegant table lamps to sophisticated wall decorations, each piece is designed to add a touch of style to any environment. The richness of the details and the originality of the shapes make each object a point of attraction, capable of transforming an anonymous room into a space with a distinctive character. No less important are the functional accessories, which demonstrate how utility can go hand in hand with style. Bottle racks, coat racks, wall clocks: each object is designed to be practical, durable and, at the same time, a unique piece of design.

Our Commitment to the Future

Looking to the future, Arti&Mestieri is committed to continuing on the path of innovation, without ever forgetting the craftsmanship roots that are the essence of our identity. Our aim is to carry on the tradition of Italian craftsmanship, adapting it to the needs and tastes of the contemporary world.