Arti&Mestieri International Furniture Fair Tokyo 2024

Arti&Mestieri Japan: Innovation and Sustainability at the International Furniture Fair Tokyo 2024

Arti & Mestieri is preparing to exhibit its products at the prestigious International Furniture Fair Tokyo 2024, at the Tokyo Big Sight, from 12 to 14 March 2024. This fair is an important showcase for major companies in the furniture industry, providing an opportunity to present their innovations and connect with a wide range of professionals and buyers. The initiative is managed by Arts & Crafts Japan, our Partner, in the person of Shin Matsumoto.

One of the hallmarks of Art&Mestieri is the intelligent use of iron as a sustainable material. Thanks to laser cutting technology, our products, even the large ones, are made lighter. Moreover, in an age when sustainability is at the centre of attention, iron stands out for its recycling rate of over 90% and its ease of separation and processing in large quantities. This gives Arti&Mestieri products a low environmental impact, placing them at the forefront of ecological solutions in the furniture industry.

However, it is not only sustainability that distinguishes Arti&Mestieri, which boasts a diverse range of original designs that add colour and vitality to spaces. In our new collection, from our cat-inspired clocks to our playfully designed clocks, each piece exudes creativity and a sense of tranquillity and lightness typical of Made in Italy.

Arti&Mestieri Japan's participation in the International Furniture Fair Tokyo 2024 offers a unique opportunity to show the world our dedication to innovation, sustainability and Italian aesthetics. In a context where interior design is increasingly becoming a manifestation of values and identity, Arti&Mestieri confirms itself as a leader in the industry, offering cutting-edge solutions that combine functionality, style and environmental responsibility.