Kezir, una nuova linea di profumatori d’ambiente naturali Arti e Mestieri

Kezir, a new line of Arti & Mestieri natural room fragrances

We are pleased to present Kezir, a new line of natural and design air fresheners by Arti & Mestieri. Kezir was born after a research on the best essences to offer customers a true olfactory experience. All enriched by a packaging with an original design suitable for any environment.

Produced only with recyclable materials (glass, iron, wood), the scented diffuser Kezir stands out for its originality. The iron decorations, Fior di Loto and Papillon, enrich the bottle and recall the classic style of Arti & Mestieri.

The essences have been created by master perfumers who have elaborated each scent using essential oils and natural fragrances. But that's not all. Each fragrance is designed to be used in a specific environment, from the bedroom to the bathroom, from the entrance to the larger living areas.

The six available essences have been designed to offer completely different notes: from the freshness of the sea breeze to the intense fragrance of the sweetest and ambery scents. This is why each fragrance is associated with a place that recalls the olfactory notes of the diffuser.

Malibù, for the sea breeze - Sorrento, for the citrus scent - Cashmere and Katmandu, for sweeter and spicier tones - Bourgogne, for the intense notes of wood and vanilla - and finally Persia, for the delicacy of powder.