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Silhouette design table lamp small

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Color: Transparent gold


Caret Down
  • Product: Design table lamp small Silhouette
  • Color: Transparent gold, White, Black, Red
  • Material: Iron
  • Sizes: 22 x 33 cm in height
  • Light bulb: E14 not included
  • Made in Italy
  • Specifications: Modern design table lamp. A magical lamp that evokes a dreamlike character within each of us. Created by drawing inspiration from the classic abat-jour and stylising it into a kind of wire outline


Caret Down

The small Silhouette designer table lamp is an illuminating work of art that harmoniously merges with the classic concept of an abat-jour, taking it to a new era of modernity and innovation. Available in black, red, white and transparent gold, this table lamp is a concentrate of style and originality.

Carefully crafted in Italy, the lamp features an iron frame that adds robustness and elegance. The dimensions of 22 x 33 cm make it a perfect choice for any space, from the bedside table to the coffee table in the living room.

The small Silhouette  is not just a lamp, but a creation that evokes a dreamlike character. Its stylised shape offers an outline effect, almost as if it were a three-dimensional design suspended in space. This lamp goes beautifully with any style of décor, whether classic or modern, bringing a touch of innovation, irony and richness to any environment.

The detail of the silk-covered wire, matching the colour of the structure, adds a touch of sophistication and coherence to the overall design. The lamp uses an E14 bulb (not included), allowing you to customise the lighting according to your preferences.

The small Silhouette designer table lamp is more than a light source; it is a design piece that transforms any room it is in. Add a touch of charm and originality to your home or office with this unique lamp.
The lamp reaches its maximum splendour with a mirrored dome bulb (not included). This additional feature amplifies its charm, reflecting and diffusing the light in a striking manner. The effect of this combination is a play of light and shadow that lends a touch of magic to the surroundings. Customise your lighting experience and immerse yourself in a unique and fascinating atmosphere with this extraordinary table lamp. A larger version of the lamp is also available.


Silhouette design table lamp small
Silhouette design table lamp small
Caret Down

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