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Modern wall keyring "Butterfly

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Color: Beige


Caret Down
  • Product: Modern wall keyring "Butterfly
  • Color: Beige, White, Aluminium
  • Material: Iron
  • Sizes: 31 x 17 cm high
  • Made in Italy
  • Specifications: Wall keyring featuring six butterflies (three larger and three smaller) fluttering above the structure. The latter features six hooks for holding and sorting your keys


Caret Down
The modern Butterfly wall keyring is a practical and decorative accessory for organising keys in an orderly and elegant manner. Made of iron and available in Aluminium, Beige and White, it has dimensions of 31 x 17 cm in height, ideal for adapting to different walls and environments.

The design of the key ring features six butterflies, three larger and three smaller, fluttering above the structure. This element adds a touch of lightness and nature to the object, making it decorative as well as functional. The structure itself has six hooks for conveniently hanging and organising keys.

Ease of installation is an important strength of this product, which can be mounted on the wall quickly and easily. In addition, the durability of the iron ensures that the key ring retains its functionality over time, withstanding daily use.

Another aspect to appreciate is the commitment to environmental sustainability, with the iron being 100% recyclable and the eco-friendly packaging tending towards plastic free. This demonstrates a sensitivity towards eco-friendly practices, helping to reduce the impact on the environment.

In conclusion, the Butterfly modern wall keyring combines attractive design, functionality and sustainability, offering a practical and aesthetically pleasing way to organise keys and add a decorative touch to the home.
Modern wall keyring "Butterfly
Modern wall keyring "Butterfly
Caret Down

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