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Hedgehog humidifier holder

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Color: Beige


Caret Down
  • Product: Hedgehog humidifier holder
  • Color: Beige, Mud
  • Material: Iron and white porcelain
  • Sizes: 24 x 24 cm high
  • Made in Italy
  • Specifications: Hedgehog-shaped humidifier. Includes a porcelain container for water and is easy to mount with the hook attachment. Compatible with all types of radiators and resistant


Caret Down
Hedgehog Design Humidifier Holder: Sweetness and Well-being in the Air of Your Home

The Hedgehog Humidifier Holder brings a touch of nature and sweetness into your home, combining the charm of the hedgehog with the comfort of cooler, more humid air. With its adorable design and effective functionality, this product adds a touch of warmth and joy to your living space.
Design and Materials:
Carefully crafted from high-quality iron and white porcelain, the Hedgehog humidifier holder is robust and durable. Its charming hedgehog design catches the eye and adds a touch of nature and playful elegance to your home. The white porcelain lends a refined and delicate touch.
Dimensions and Use:
With dimensions of 24 x 24 cm in height, this humidifier holder is compact yet effective. It can be easily mounted on any radiator to evenly diffuse moisture into the air. It is ideal for use in the living room, bedroom, office or any other space where you wish to improve the air quality.
Ease of Use:
The humidifier holder is extremely easy to mount thanks to the practical hook attachment. Simply fill the porcelain container with water, place it on the radiator and enjoy the refreshing effect of the hedgehog-shaped humidifier. It is compatible with all types of radiators and is designed to offer great durability.
Health Benefits:
Maintaining an adequate level of humidity in the air can help prevent respiratory problems, dry mucous membranes and dry skin. With the Hedgehog humidifier holder, you can create a more comfortable and healthy environment for you and your family, especially during the drier months of the year.
Style and Decoration:
In addition to its functionality, the Hedgehog humidifier holder adds a touch of joyful elegance to your living space. Its adorable design easily complements a variety of decor styles, from rustic to modern. Add a bit of nature and sweetness to your home environment with this charming accessory.
Italian Quality Product:

Perfectly made in Italy, the humidifier holder embodies the excellent craftsmanship and distinctive design that characterise Italian products. Every detail is carefully crafted to ensure superior quality and a practical and charming solution to improve the air quality in your home.

With its adorable design and health benefits, the Riccio designer humidifier holder is a valuable addition to your home. Keep the air fresh and comfortable while adding a touch of nature and joyful elegance to your living space with this charming accessory.
Hedgehog humidifier holder
Hedgehog humidifier holder
Caret Down

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