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Modern pendulum clock Hunter Cat

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Caret Down
  • Product: Pendulum clock Hunter Cat
  • Material: Iron
  • Sizes: 26 x 7 x 49 cm high
  • Clock hands: Black
  • Display: White
  • Power supply: Battery type AA
  • Made in Italy
  • Specifications: The wall clock consists of three components. First, there is a cube that serves as the clock face and base. Then, there is a black cat silhouette that is screwed into the top of the cube/dial. Finally, there is a bird-shaped pendulum on a swing. The scene depicts a cat curiously observing a moving bird on a swing.


Caret Down
Innovation and modern style
The Hunter Cat modern pendulum clock is an expression of innovation and style. Combining craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics, it offers a unique vision of time and home décor.

High-quality materials
Made from high-quality iron, this pendulum clock combines robustness and durability. The intense black of the metal creates an elegant and durable base for the whole.
Stunning details
In the centre of the design is a simple and modern white dial, which serves as a background for the figure of a black cat. This element catches the eye with its simplicity and elegance.
Dynamism and movement
A distinctive detail of this clock is the pendulum in the shape of a bird on a swing, which adds a touch of dynamism and movement to the composition. The swinging of the bird gives life to the clock, creating a unique atmosphere.
Italian excellence
Made with passion and craftsmanship in Italy, the Hunter Cat pendulum clock represents Italian excellence in design and home décor. Its beauty and functionality make it a valuable addition to any modern home.
With its innovative design and timeless beauty, the Hunter Cat modern pendulum clock is a stylish and functional addition to any home. Add a touch of style and originality to your home with this extraordinary pendulum clock, which not only measures time, but also adds a touch of charm and personality to your interior decoration.
Modern pendulum clock Hunter Cat
Modern pendulum clock Hunter Cat

82,65 €

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