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Circeo Pop multicolor lampshade


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The Circeo Pop multicolor lampshade brings liveliness and joy. Available in 4 colors: pink, light blue, fuchsia and yellow, which can also be combined with each other.
Dimensions: 24x40H


Cheerful, lively, and elegant: the Circeo Pop multicolor lampshade is suitable for any type of environment and furniture, just choose the right color. And the range is truly vast. There are four shades of the stem, finely worked in iron with curls in the upper part, and of the lampshade: pink, light blue, fuchsia and yellow. Combinations on which you can indulge yourself.

It is possible to buy the Circeo Pop Abat -jour multicolor in a single color or in different colors. It is suitable for a youthful and informal bedroom. Witty, fun, and elegant, it creates a cheerful atmosphere wherever it is placed.

This Circeo Pop multicolor Abat-jour was born from the ingenuity of the master craftsmen of Arti & Mestieri and recalls, for the refinement of the workmanship, the Minerva.

Dimensions: 24x40H

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